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Score 1%-10% : (Low Emergency)

  • Self-isolate yourself to avoid others including your family members getting the virus from you
  • Make sure the room you choose is well ventilated
  • Wear two medical masks at all times and use sanitizer
  • Get a Covid-19 test done as soon as possible 
  • Go to a doctor with the test results. The doctor will confirm the severity of your infection. The doctor will also prescribe you medicines. (See Helpline number)
  • Do not use public transport for going to the doctor or anywhere else  
  • Monitor your temperature, respiratory rate (heart beats), and oxygen levels every hour from the time you suspect you may have covid-19. (If temperature>34 celsius, Respiratory rate > 23/min, oxygen level < 95, opt for medical assistance immediately)

Score 10%-20%: (Moderate Emergency)

  • seek emergency medical care immediately: (See Helpline number)

    • Trouble breathing
    • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    • New confusion
    • Inability to wake up or stay awake
    • Pale, grey, or blue-coloured skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone 
  • If you notice any of the above emergencies, call a doctor and covid ambulance immediately.
  • Monitor your temperature, respiratory rate (heart beats), and oxygen levels every 30 mins from the time you suspect you may have covid-19. (If temperature>34 celsius, Respiratory rate > 23/min, oxygen level < 95, opt for medical assistance immediately)
  • If you don’t notice any emergency signs as given above, get a covid-19 test done immediately
  • Follow all the other steps given in Low emergency scenario above.  

Score above 20%: (High Emergency)

  • Call a doctor and covid ambulance immediately. (See Helpline number)
  • Monitor your temperature, respiratory rate (heart beats), and oxygen levels every 15 mins from the time you suspect you may have covid-19. (If temperature>34 celsius, Respiratory rate > 23/min, oxygen level < 95, opt for medical assistance immediately)
  • Until the time you seek medical assistance, lay down on your stomach and near a window so that it will be easier for you to breathe. 
  • Follow all the steps from low emergency and medium emergency scenarios.

Myth Busting Covid-19

    No, camphor, Lavang, or Ajwain do not increase oxygen levels in covid-19 patients. Camphor only gives soothing effect because of its cooling property. Even in product like Vicks Vaporub, less than 5%camphor is used. If inhaled or orally swallowed, camphor can become toxic, especially for children. However, lying on stomach can be helpful for those having breathing issues.


No. According to the Indian government’s guidelines, Remdesivir is only helpful for the moderately or severely sick patients, who are on oxygen supplement. It is not required for the people who do not require oxygen support or are in a home setting.  It is only useful for those who don’t have any renal or hepatic dysfunction (eGFR <30 ml/min/m2; AST/ALT >5 times ULN (Not an absolute contradiction).  Remdesivir is not the cure for Covid-19.
No, antibiotics only treat diseases caused by bacteria and not by virus. Covid-19 is a virus. Hence, antibiotics cannot treat Covid-19. Some people who become ill with COVID-19 can also develop a bacterial infection as a complication. In this case, antibiotics may be recommended by a health care provider.
Yes, the current new variant found in India affects people of all ages. Unlike the first wave, this variant can severely affect people of all ages. Hence, everyone should follow proper prevention methods.
No, drinking alcohol does not prevent Covid-19. Drinking alcohol, such as beer, liquor, wine doesn’t help prevent coronavirus. You should wash your hands often, wear masks, and avoid being close to those with a fever and cough.
No, it may take the virus 1-14 days to incubate and cause symptoms like a fever, so it cannot be used to identify asymptomatic patients.
There is no severe side effect to the vaccine. Studies have shown that only 0.03% people may get severe side effect. Vaccination is the only way to avoid death from Covid-19.

 No, it is not true. You should still wear a mask, keep 6 ft distance, sanitise your hands, and avoid crowded places. Infact, you should continue doing this even after the 2nd dose because people around you can still get infected through you.

Helpline Numbers

COVID Helpline Number: 03192-232102

COVID Helpline Number: 0866-2410978

COVID Helpline Number: 9436055743

COVID Helpline Number: 6913347770

District Control Room Patna: 0612-2219810

COVID 19 Helpline Number : 104 , 0612-2219090,2219080, 2219030,2219055,2219033

Doctor Advice on call: 0612-2249964

Ambulance: 102 / 1911

COVID Helpline Number: 9779558282

call on 104

Control Room Number

East: 011-2051234

Shahadra: 011-22111077

North: 011-27708768

Central: 011-23270151

West: 011-25100096, 25195529

New Delhi: 011-23385743

South: 011-29531277

call on 104

call on 104

COVID-19 Helpline Number 8558893911

call on 104

District Jammu Helpline Numbers: 0191-2571912, 0191-2571616, 0191-2520542

District Srinagar helpline no: 01942483650 and 01942483651

Central Helpline Number+91-11-23978046
Jammu & Kashmir Helpline Number01912520982, 0194-2440283
District Covid Control Room01923-246915,01923-241004
Telemedicine Facility (Doctor on Call)6006500528

TollFree Health Helpline: 104

Ambulance: 108

Helpline Number: 12269

call on 104

COVID-19 Helpline Number: 0471-2552056

call on 104

call on 104

For availability of beds: 7678061274, 7710870510

Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046

Toll-Free Number: 1075

Mumbai: 022-22664232

Mumbai Suburb – 022-26556799, 26556806

Thane – 022-25301740

Ambulance: 102 , 1298 , 022-24308888

Some other Helpline Numbers

Emergency Number: 1077

COVID Helpline Number: 1075

Helpline COVID positive patients: 1800111747

Helpline Number: 1031, +91-11-23978046

COVID Control Number: 011-22391014, 2302441, 22304568, 22300012

COVID-19 Helpline Number: 7005539653

COVID-19 Helpline Number: 9439994859

call on 104

call on 104

COVID-19 Helpline Number: 0141-2225624

call on 104

Covid-19 Helpline Number: 044-29510500

call on 104

COVID-19 Helpline Number: 0381-2315879

call on 104

COVID helpline number: 8588870012

For Medicines on Weekends: 9971009001

Sanjeev Sharma: 8929700878

Ambulance: 108 / 102

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