Any illness has multiple treatments but only one treatment path will best suit YOU.

Your very first step when you feel sick

Don’t waste time trying different home remedies that will not work. Superheal will tell you exactly what should be your first step when you get sick.

Diagnostic tests to do and a doctor to go to

Superheal will tell you which diagnostic tests to do and which doctor to visit. It saves you money and time wasted on doing unwanted diagnostic tests and going to the wrong specialist.

Treatment path to suit you the best

Superheal uses Artificial Intelligence technology to recommend you a treatment path because different treatments combined have different effects on your health, on the time and money you spend recovering, and on the side effects you may have. 

Aftercare so that you don’t feel sick again

Your healing process doesn’t end when your symptoms disappear. Superheal tells you home remedies to maintain your health even after you recover so that you don’t have to face discomfort again.

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It’s about you feeling good!

Our technology: We use highly advanced AI technology to give the most effective treatment plan from start to end of your recovery period. Unlike traditional methods, we don’t just rely on your medical symptoms but we also consider your personal, social, financial, environmental, and mental health, to help you get the most effective treatment plan. Our recommendations take into account thousands of clinical trials so that the treatment plan is safe for you.


Anyone in India can use Superheal as long as they are of age 18 and above.

Right now we cover diseases related to stomach, heart, brain and nervous system, muscular, respiratory, and certain other diseases such as diabetes. We are working on expanding our disease range. 

Superheal is open to access 24/7.

Superheal beta is a version of Superheal, limited by number of users. This is due to maintaining quality control and changing Superheal as per our customers.

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